Tam–awan Gallery Features Father- Daughter Exhibit

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Tam – Awan gallery features father- daughter exhibit. Tam-awan village gallery presents the works for senior artists Ged Alangui and Patrick Palasi on focus this month.

The duo will be joined by their daughters 6-year old Sakura Alangui and 16-year old Danielle Palasi in a exhibit dubbed as “Colorain” featured at the Tam – Awan Village Gallery.

Alangui is a self-taught artist from Baguio City and initially joined the Baguio Arts Guild in 1990, a co-founder of KALASAG, a four-man artist group based in Baguio City practicing culture based ideas into visual and installation art.

Alangui joined the Tam-awan group of artists in 1996, he is part of a team of artists who focus on self-development and outreach activities.

Sakura, at the age of 6 inherited the love for art from his father. She loves drawing and singing and spends most of her free time drawing and painting.

Palasi studied Architecture and taught himself how to paint and has evolved into a distinct artist known to be the foremost coffee painter in the City.

He teaches watercolor and coffee painting and is a resident artists at Tam-awan Village. He is also a member of the Baguio Aquarelle Society.

While Danielle is 16 years old and had her first exhibit in 2005 at the Department of Tourism’s “Wow Philippines”, she has also had exhibits with the Baguio Aquarelle Society.

Tam-Awan Village Restaurant
Baguio City

Exhibit runs until Friday October 4, 2013


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