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Bembol Dela Cruz and Ranelle Dial

21 September - 20 October 2013
Opening reception on Saturday, September 21, 6pm

The strength of an idea in relation to its cultural meaning is measured by the durability of its monuments. Though nothing lasts forever, as dynasties crumble and charismatic leaders fall out of grace, an idea lingers more than the substance it rests on. Ruins therefore reflect the gravity of an undertaking’s drop from popular consciousness, falling from the height of its ideals, only to be abandoned and to smolder with disregard. The chaos and danger of its ideological demise echoes the evacuation of truth and the unreason coiled within a mind distant from its realities. This distant mind creates fortresses and prisons that buffer the fragile psyche from the forces of truth. Yet there is comfort amongst the embrace of lies. Thus, flying above and generating fear, metallic gunships are portrayed with murderous design and blinding with force that anticipates murder. These war machines are manifestations of killing desire, designed to create maximum damage and destruction. But they never lived up to their potential during actual combat encounters, as faulty invention and unsuccessful fight tactics has carried them towards their doom. In both instances, these war machines and architectural remains are manifestations of an ideology’s best intentions then though by now we consider them obsolete and ineffectual, total failures by themselves. Such that, if all of these ideological representatives were absolute failures, if all of them didn’t work at all, then a total rewriting of history could be possible. This would alter the present, and would create a mutation towards a new future. A valence effect happens then over the belief that hopeful things would continue to occur regardless of all the terror and tragedy involved during the war. This way of thinking would mean that evil may be a necessity as a reminder of the ethical boundaries that permeate life. In light of it, the march of modernity’s utopian progress that was culminated by the Second World War has trampled into our daily lives in the form of global capitalism, which has become a necessary evil. Bembol Dela Cruz and Ranelle Dial’s somber works ponder on the valence effect over the possibility of a history rewritten if all the forms of idealism failed, and the ensuing remains that continue to haunt the social terrain.

- Arvin Flores

9th Avenue
Bonifacio High Street
1634 Taguig

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