Common Subscriptions

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Common Subscriptions

The Drawing Room, Metrostar Building, 1007 Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City
19 October - 12 November 2013
Opening Reception: 2 - 5pm, Sat 19 October

COMMON SUBSCRIPTIONS is about Kat Medina identifying conditions in what make practices, including her own, as “craft.” Her new body of work includes thought-process on spaces in the everyday lived experience of the city, anthropological disparities of symbol and design-making between urban places and communities far removed from the city center, as well as the practitioner’s relationship to materials. Medina achieves this in forms of paintings in different surfaces: wood panels shaped after the spaces in which commercial logos occupy, fabric for embroidery and cast resin that present a peculiar synthesis to uninhibited pigment.

In matters of “craft”, COMMON SUBSCRIPTIONS thinks about the sense and direction of agency when things are made and received as signs more than the actual function in their overall constitution. The exhibition leaves us with notions on how things become permitted to everyday lived experiences – in the conditions of spaces they occupy in our community, in the bombardment through their seriality and, most of all, in their ability to disguise these conditions.

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