Leave me a place underground

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Leave me a place underground opening on Thursday, October 10, 2013, 6pm. Running until November 4, 2013 at Finale Art File. Featuring Lyra Garcellano (Manila) and Erik Pauhrizi (Bandung). A project in cooperation with Finale Art File and Richard Koh Fine Art.

Lyra Garcellano and Erik Pauhrizi met in an artist residency space in New York as Asian Cultural Council grantees. Both coming from Southeast Asia, they have created a camaraderie as temporary transients occupying space, creating cathartic connections in the city and in their personal lives separately as émigrés stretching the limits of their artistic practice. Both have gone to several residencies since then, taking them as far as South Korea to Berlin exploring the different facets of space, architecture, and the limits of time within cultural and artistic commodities.

Garcellano often works around the idea of the body and the space it occupies, providing context to how an identity is projected or constructed.

Pauhrizi explores the idea of displacement and communicates criticisms based on reversion or suppression that breaks through boundaries.

In the end, negotiations are created to manipulate or overcome generic historiographies. Lyra Garcellano and Erik Pauhrizi responds to space, subverting object/subject relations creating sculptural installations which pursue a critical positing in a effort to discuss the social conditions affecting aspects of an individual’s life and movement within a cultural framework.

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