Omega Exhibit in Tam-awan Gallery

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Tam – Awan Village gallery opens its doors to Manila based artist group, Omega, in an exhibit at the Village gallery over the weekend.

Dubbed as “Open,” the Manila based artists Renz Baluyot, Francis Commeyne, Katz Lorenzana, Tekla Tamoria, Lou Lim, Cian Dayrit, Francis Pado, JC Jacinto, Jhay Colis, Janea Balquin and Lec Cruz join forces for their annual exhibit at the Village.

The exhibition features 25 works from the 11 artists showing different media and forms, creating a wide array of artworks that are uncontained and diverse.

For more details, please call (63 74) 446-2949.

Tam-Awan Village Restaurant
Baguio City

Exhibit runs until Friday, November 1, 2013


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