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Iya Consorio serves up her own brand of the psychedelic and fanciful with her newest selection of paintings that bleed with the fusion of Japanese pop culture and her own personal aesthetic.
Delve deeper into the spunky and outrageous facet of the artist’s personality as Sushi Moriawase’s modern-day Wonderland filled with whimsical and fantastical figures provides disturbing yet richly captivating nuggets of easily digestible art. Then have a pick-me-up and savor each harmoniously chaotic piece of different flavors as it contrives a sharp assault on the senses. After all, is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a fresh sample of anything bright and bubbly?

October 26, 2013
6:00 PM

371 Art Space
7274, The Collective
Malugay street, 1203 Makati

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