VERSUS a Two-man show of Renz Baluyot and JC Jacinto at Art Galileia

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Art Galileia presents, “Versus,” a two man show featuring the poignant and moving works of Jc Jacinto and Renz Baluyot. Both up and coming young artists, they are proving their fast maturity and mastery of their craft in presenting thought provoking works that captivates audiences not only filling their aesthetic need, but also their hunger to find meaning and understanding in the chaos of time.

“Versus,” is an observation of the clash between the past and the future. Through their paintings and installation pieces, Jacinto and Baluyot collaborate to present their ideas on the two opposite directions which we are constantly being pulled towards; This two opposing sides in the spectrum of time that defines the very present. Aside from contrasting the opposing ideas, they also compare it to one another, to see the related strengths they hold and their similarities. Their reflections culminate in one single collaborative piece that is representative not only of their partnership but also of the point in which the past and the future come together.

The evocative past was tasked to the works of JC Jacinto, whose deconstructive art is a fitting metaphor to his fascination with our own mind’s capacity to destroy, stain and tarnish the memories of our past traumas, and how this very embellishment exists in our present action. The burden of the future in all its infinite possibilities was placed on Renz Baluyot, whose explorations with fabric and incorporating such experimentations with his art form breeds numerous potentials, just as the future itself is being changed, shaped and formed with our little involuntary everyday decisions.

To embark upon the artistic, intellectual and emotional journey that such subject requires is difficult enough for one person, but to do so with a partner requires a certain finesse and humility. Two virtues that both artists have practiced for some time now. Their partnership is one forged in friendship. Both Fine Arts alumni of the University of the Philippines- Diliman they have shared ideas since their college days, questioning, reflecting and refining each other as artists and as brothers. Like minds with unlike work that appreciates oddities and the overlooked.

Catch this evocative and unforgettable collection on October 17-30, 2013 at Art Galileia.

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