Rosscapili + Luis Martin Harder : CROSSROADS

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Rosscapili + Luis Martin Harder : CROSSROADS
Monograph / Coffeetable Book Launch and Photo Exhibit 

The Artprints Alley
Nov 26 to Dec 30, 2013

Sindo ArtWall
Nov 26 to Feb 26, 2014

LRI Design Plaza Nicanor Garcia St
Bel Air II Makati City
Tel 8368799

Rosscapili and Luis Martin Harder at the Crossroads

An old high school class picture taken in the early 70s may be the only reminder that they were once in the same classroom growing up together. Yet such images, showing both of them in boyish poses with their classmates at the Philippine College of Arts and Trades (PCAT), serve as a reminder that even if they went their separate ways after secondary education, the world would allow their paths to cross once more.

Rosscapili and Luis Martin Harder are the stars of this back-to-back limited edition photography book launch and exhibit aptly entitled “Crossroads,” a meeting of visually open minds from a similar background. The images provide an evocative reflection of the less traveled paths treaded by the artists behind them.
This time, they’re no longer kids unaware of the looming dictatorship gripping the Philippines after the declaration of Martial Law in 1972. They’re now established visual artists armed with cameras to use as potent weapons in achieving freedom of expression. The idea of having a mindset that connects their past to the present is vital in choosing images which deserve inclusion in this monograph of two artists' individual works bound by a solid friendship.

PCAT is now TUP: the Technological University of the Philippines. Its reputation as a state university of highly skilled students has remained intact, and so have the memories of its colorful past that Luis Martin Harder and Rosscapili represent in all their luster and depth.

Exhibit and launching of the monograph written by Rocel Ann Junio and Yugel Losorata is on November 26, 630pm at the ArtPrints Alley and Sindo ArtWall both located at LRI Design Plaza Nicanor Garcia St Bel Air II Makati City.

Crossroads is not your usual coffeetable book; it can serve as a reference in living and believing.

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