"Tana kan Hawa" (Land and Sea) An Art Exhibit

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Tana kan Hawa
(Land and Sea)

Cevio Art Haus
60 San Isidro St.
Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
November 16 – December 7, 2013

Artists not only do they belong to their time but also to their environment and locus of their creation and they are never separate from a given creative milieu and their domicile in space. As such, the sense of place has since always been significant starting point and an existential foothold that has guided and stirred artists and creators for many ages. Such awareness is also the saliency and poetic articulation of this warm homage to Batanes, this magnificent land that flourishes with unique topographic, bucolic charms and distinctive culture.

Tana Kan Hawa which translates to “land and sea” celebrates Batanes, its people and traditions as an embodied experience of its local artists who live and create within this northern most side of the archipelago.
Using natural elements as idioms, Yarunu Artes Ivatan, a group of Ivatan artists, shares an admixture of mediated images, icons, motifs and symbols suffused with traditions and organic sensibilities. The paintings reflect such relationship Ivatans have with the forces of nature but also such peculiar collective values and psyche that have been so associated with the province-- community, resilience and adoption. Of course, these are upheld by these artists’ personal experiences and creative inclinations appropriately tempered with intuition and individuality, skills and approachable stylistic choices and formal approaches.

With a sustained sense of the elements and the organic life and some degree of anthropological/ethnological values, these surface signifiers soaked in Ivatan culture and identity ably underline such affinities these artists have to their to nature and their deep understanding of life. These works of art also reflect how these local artists perceive realities and process them esthetically to propound ideas and new if not altered meanings.

Hence, with the expressive possibilities of these paintings, hopefully audiences can connect and easily weigh the pride and humbleness of this place and ably break the remoteness and physical distance, imagined boundaries, misunderstandings and curiosities we may have of this land its people.

Philip Paraan
Guido Inocencio

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