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first solo show by
Kurt Lluch

Friday, December 6,2013
6:00 PM
Tin-aw Art Gallery.

Tin-aw Art Gallery presents Kurt Lluch’s first solo exhibition, Therianthrophy. The exhibition title plays on the interface between human and animal forms, and the attributes shared by both. Shape shifters embody this metamorphosis in mythology and folklore. The fascination with indeterminate beings of such nature had held sway over the popular imagination. The polarity between civilized and savage behaviours might have sustained interest in this phenomenon, proven or otherwise. Brute strength, human frailty, survival are few of several leitmotifs that pervade human imagination of the affinities between animals and humans. Popular imagination has even extended this fascination to embodiments of heroes and saviours of civilization.
Artist Kurt Lluch however, looks back to a more ancient source and examines with deep interest the nature of human frailties and failings. Citing Aesop’s fables as inspiration he renders on canvas mutating figures, shifting uneasily between human and beast, alternately burdened and adorned with the implements of rage, survival, and greed. Kurt Lluch’s forms hover on canvas, shrouded by tongues of flame, thorny vegetation, gnarled roots, froth and spittle, snarling fangs. There is strain felt here, an entrapment to behold. Before Lluch’s canvases, freedom is elusive possibility. His pieces are cautionary tales of inherent human weaknesses and the many pitfalls that beset even the cleverest of human advances. Lluch’s paintings rouse the brute energies of these feral tendencies, those that determine who survives a world overcome by rapacious greed.
The artist works with a method of veiling and disclosure, meticulously layering mediums over ground and rubbing or erasing them afterward to reveal forms. Canvases are primed with pastels over which graphite is laid. These layers are painstakingly erased to thresh narrative and forms, much like his referencing of ancient tales, closer to how allegories are deployed to strike at latent truths. Given to smearing and smudging, Kurt Lluch’s medium and technique connote the nebulous beings and inchoate gestures that mar our humanity. His art highlights a keen awareness of the human condition and the precarious state we have placed it.
Works for Therianthropy will be on view at Tin-aw Art Gallery until 31st December 2013.

About the artist
Kurt Lluch’s art has been shown in numerous group exhibitions. In seventeen years of creative practice, he persistently explores mediums and forms to adequately convey themes and subject matter pertinent to his art. Lluch was member of the Mixed Media Arts Group in Iligan City.

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