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In the modern world, expression is a powerful driving force for many a young denizen to present oneself in an artistic light. To express is to make one’s interests and observations manifest. Expression is a self-serving act, as the act of expressing accomplishes the goal of expression in itself. This is prevalent in today’s youth culture, where one’s individuality is defined by how they look, act, and speak. This makes expression not only a want, but an intrinsic need.

But what role does expression play in printmaking? How does one express in a medium that is mostly about replicability? It can be argued that expression and uniqueness are not mutually exclusive. Creativity is the ability to innovate known ideas, not absolute newness. Each artist/student is defined by the way they conceptualize their images, cut their wood or rubber, scratch their plate for dry point, and create texture for collagraph. An edition of prints is not an original and its replicates, but a series of multiple originals in and of itself. In doing that, one democratizes art. One’s expression is seen in this.

This exhibition is a celebration of expression and its relevance to the student artist. As the student explores new ideas, develops new concepts, experiments with new mediums and hones new techniques, their need to express grows and deepens. This is reflected in the works of the eager creative young printmakers of SFA 192/193. As they explore new horizons in printmaking, they convey a sense of wondered but determined enthusiasm.

January 21, 2014
5:00 PM

Corredor Gallery
UP Diliman
Quezon City

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