Fauna and Friends

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Fauna and Friends
One man show by Hilario Romeo ‘Doods’ Campos, Jr.

Ms. Susan Kalaw-Medina of Travel Time likened the works of Architect Hilario Romeo Doods Campos, Jr. to that of Salvador Dali. True enough, there is a feel of Dali’s phantom reality and distortion of space in Campos’ collection of almost thirty works in acrylic on watercolor paper with sizes ranging from a small of 8”X10” to a large piece of 2x4 feet. Distortion too is his message, his characters are without bones, and realistic anatomy is not his language.

Fauna and Friends is Campos’ 5th one-man show and is a series of questions clothed in illustrations that somehow explores the possibility of the merging of all probable worlds, both existing and mythical. His ‘What if we share a world?’ is the prevalent question. Would it then be that a sea creature would fly in a forest, or giant beings would ride in jeepneys, or maybe monsters will have coffee in a coffee shop? Who are likely to dominate? Campos gives in to the manifestations of earlier imaginations developed close to the earth in shades of basic colors, crayon colors representative of the more innocent times of his youth. A fascination that feeds the need to create and recreate fantastical creatures of his own invention, away from existing pegs and free from the limitations of size and shape and even from notions of mistakes. The message is quite straightforward; in this world it is better to expect the unexpected.

Doods Campos is a partner in Frasso Inc., an architectural firm based in Bacolod City, and is a product of La Consolacion College-School of Architecture 2002. He is a licensed architect who presently sits as director of UAP-Bacolod Chapter. Although the practice of his profession is his day job, he finds nourishment for the artist’s soul in his art. He has had two solo exhibitions in the Negros Museum in 2010, Nobody Told Me and Invasion, the one man show The Way I See Things in Gallery Orange in 2012, and another one in Namit-Namit. He was in a good number of group shows in Negros and Manila, among them were Drastic Measures in 371 Art Space, The Collective-Makati, The Night Nebula in Paseo Gallery-Manila, Nincompoop Various Artists in The Pocket Universe Art Collective-Makati and the Art of Giving for Yolanda Victims at Gallery Orange, all in 2013. Also, Bangis at World Trade Center, Silipan Ringan which is a music art festival in 2009, and as the UAP-Bacolod chapter representative in the Architect-Painters exhibition in SM-Manila in 2011.

Doods values his roots in both Manapla and Cebu, is known to dabble in cool t-shirt designing, does customized painted slip-on shoes, and has two of his works permanently displayed as stations of the cross at the Pope John Paul II tower.

Gallery Orange
2nd Floor Lopue's Mandalagan Annex
Bacolod City

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