Kadin Tiu - Folds Upon Folds Layers Upon Layers

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Landscapes are formed by relentless movement, breaking down and rebuilding. It is a timeless process of nature. It is a testament to the power of both destruction and creation. Each layer took time and dealt with countless changes before being placed on top another layer all the while waiting to be covered and broken down over time. It is a process of accepting roles. Each layer can only be as important as the next.

In this body of work I took inspiration from the behavior of nature - how it evolves over time, how it changes in spaces in between and how small changes shifts the entire picture. As with my past work, I constructed and arranged layers of fabric side by side or on top of one another in such a way that they end up looking like something else - in this case, landscapes. I then document it before going into the actual process of painting them. I make use of fabrics in depicting certain things to allow the viewers to uncover something well beyond first glances and at the same time give them time to rethink what the things they see truly are.

I love the malleable nature of the fabric. It seems limited in its form but by manipulating it through folding, it can change into something else, something entirely different. Like a shape-shifter it can play with our eyes and imagination. I believe this characteristic of change is visible in everything; especially in nature. Things change all the time, either we adapt and be in the fold or we learn to resist it and begin a different journey. Beautiful things take time not only to create but to realize.

January 11, 2014
6:00 PM

Exhibit runs until February 1, 2014

Blanc Gallery
145 Katipunan Avenue
St. Ignatius Village
Quezon City, Philippines

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