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Filipino-German artist, Lizza May David at the CCP with exhibition titled, "Artist Unknown". Opening Reception, Feb 18, Tuesday 4pm-7pm! Running until March 30, 2014.

"In ARTIST UNKNOWN, Lizza May David works with a marginal aspect of the CCP Visual Arts Collection: the unclassified works. Established during modernization efforts of the postwar era, with an emphasis on the seventies and eighties, the CCP Visual Arts Collection consists of more than 1000 artworks. David focuses on the 43 works in the collection that are listed as ‘Unknown‘ in the categories of ‘Artist’, ‘Title’ and ‘Year of production’.

Exploring the syntax and grammar of an 'exhibition', the artist experiments with 'installation' and 'display', investigating the potency of an institutional space, and thereby its architectural framework."

Visual artist Lizza May David (b. 1975, Quezon City, Philippines) is based in Berlin, Germany. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg (Germany), École des Beaux Arts de Lyon (France) and University of Arts Berlin. She is a current resident at the 1335MABINI‘s Artist-in-Residence Program Manila (AiRPManila). Interested in how social and cultural capital is being represented, she highlights its marginal aspects, dichotomies of display and issues of visibility/invisibility. Much of her work in various media stems from her biography and investigates issues of identity and memory.

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