LIWANAG: Crochet Art by AZE ONG

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Museo De La Salle celebrates the National Arts Month via an exhibition entitled, LIWANAG: Crochet Art by AZE ONG. The exhibition will run from 21 Feb - 31 March at the Fe Sarmiento-Panlilio Gallery of the Museo De La Salle.

Ong is a crochet artist whose works are a cutting edge in traditional crochet handicraft. Her works range from mural, sculptural, up to art wearables. Her use of bold colors, spontaneous techniques, and remarkable forms gives traditional crochet the contemporary taste.

Her work embodies her ideals, realizations, and experiences. She sums it up in the word, Liwanag: A moment of enlightenment, a continuous journey, and a celebration of life.

For inquiries, please call (02) 779 5180 or (046) 4811940 local 3151.


Art on the Edge is this year's theme for the National Arts Month. The theme may pertain to art that are cutting edge, or arts that synchronize contemporary and traditional art presented and interpreted in a new way; something old but given a new dress.

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