"Passengers" : Paintings by GINO TIOSECO and RAYMOND KAWATAKI GO

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“Passengers” is the latest art exhibit at Cevio Art Haus. It is a collaboration of the recent works of artists Gino Tioseco and Raymond Kawataki Go. The exhibit will showcase artworks which will tell us about their personal experiences, the people they met along the way and their interactions with them. The exhibit hopes to convey to the viewer the adage that we are all passengers in a ride called life.

As a full time visual artist, Gino Tioseco was influenced by other underrated painters such as Amedeo Modigliani, Milton Resnick, Leon Golub and Lester Johnson, He often used himself as the model for his nascent portraits saying that it was the most familiar subject to paint as he can project the fluctuations of himself as he experienced it. His paintings often have no title and his style is characterized by the use of garish colors, agitated brushwork and convulsive compositional rhythms. “My paintings have no narratives, no explanations and no endings,” Tioseco explains. “I want my audience to invest their own meaning into my works and draw their own conclusions.”

Raymond Kawataki Go, a multi-awarded visual artist, considers himself as a Social Expressionist. His imagination and obsession with mythology and super natural beings are the foundation of his recent works. He conceptually links these subjects to form underlying figures that constitutes his take on either the evolution of man and his afflictions or adversities in life.

“Passengers” opening reception will be on March 14, 2014, Friday, at 7pm. The show will run until March 31, 2014 at Cevio Art Haus. Cevio Art Haus is located at 60 San Isidro St., Brgy. Capitolyo, Pasig City. For inquiries on the artworks, please contact Rodel Jacintos at 0915-6666089 or at (02) 656-4931.

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