Vitruvian Women

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Dubbed as “Vitruvian Women” which puts in centerstage the works of Tara Lalaine Natividad, Jen Lorenzo, Lily Villanueva- Castillo with , Luisa Galang and Heidi Rodriguez at the Tam –Awan Village Gallery. Performances by Rey Angelo Aurelio and Dumay Solinggay with a drum circle jam, open mic for poetry reading and music.

The works will highlight the journey of these women in their art Natividad says “When women have children of their own, they almost always give up their artistic pursuits and concentrate on their family life”, some are stamped out by critiques of other artists, mostly male, who appear to just brush us off.”

Lorenzo, prolific with her sketches, captures the essence of refinement and beauty…her strokes are an acuity of exactness that permeates the affection of the beholder. Her hands capture the very beauty of the portraitures she creates.

Castillo, who puts her childlike charm in her work, loves color as well as black artworks, saying “art has no boundaries, limits or endings, You do your art as Long as you Live… we express and show our self through our artworks.”

While Galang’s depict her innermost thoughts never defining them giving onlookers the freedom to give their own interpretation, she is newest

The art of Rodriguez says “I have always deviated from the doctrine that universals have a real objective existence specifically in presenting my subjects. Often, my art has been shunned for its unrealistic representations and execution.”

The exhibit also features artists Mhargrette Dela Cruz and Marlyn Delazo Bulayo. Bulayo will feature her digital art which seeks to express colour in all its beauty while Cruz works depict life's little happy family moments.

For more details, please call (63 74) 446-2949, (63 915) 948-8773, (63 921) 588-3131 or email:

Tam-Awan Village Restaurant
Baguio City

Saturday March 8, 2014 - Friday April 4, 2014


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