Zero Ground

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Zero Ground

After Juan Alcazaren’s last show, entitled “Juan Alcazaren’s Last Show” in 2012, he presents recent works for “Zero Ground.” These sculptures problematize the contemporary language of sculpture: while there is an idea that the medium requires no illusory ground to exist, how do can we remain faithful to a practice that requires sequential reference to preceding works?

In this exhibition we are to encounter again the artist’s particular relationship to found industrial-like and domestic materials, and we attempt to make sense of his process vis-à-vis the knowledge of his architectural background. Alcazaren wrestles with encumbered meanings from his old works and burdens his new pieces with new sentiments in “Zero Ground.” Here, he apologizes as he makes the same mistakes.

22 March - 22 April 2014
Opening Reception: 2 - 5pm, Sat 22 Mar

The Drawing Room
Metrostar Building
1007 Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City

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