Margin of Error

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Margin of Error
Curated by Ling Quisumbing Ramilo
Yan Abeledo
Jelai Averilla
Jonathan Olazo
Jake Salvador

April 22 - May 31, 2014
UP Asian Center Museum

The UP Asian Center Museum in partnership with the UP College of Fine Arts opened two art exhibitions on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

Lupa, Hangin, Tubig, at Apoy at the China Hall celebrates Earth Day showcasing works of artists with different backgrounds, but who all decided to use discarded materials as part of their installation pieces. Opening on Earth Day itself, the four artists not only deal with discarded and found objects but also harks the traditional classification of the elements used in antiquity. Manix Abrera uses straws, plastic bags, cigarette butts, and driftwood to simulate a crime scene bemoaning the maltreatment of the environment in a stark and humorous way.

Chong Ardivilla delves into the personal as he sets up three retab/0s as physical manifestations of his prayers. Ninel Constantino mines her life's history as well as materials set aside in her home over the years, weaving them into an installation piece reminiscent of the wind. John Yan Yung manifests his experience growing up in a Chinese setting and its adjacent rituals through factory materials. All these works come together to highlight how the consumer culture has rendered tons of waste materials. Curated by Professor Katti Sta. Ana, the participating artists reconfigure discarded materials and integrate their personal expressions in the process, thus casting a new light and life to objects that are usually cast aside and ignored.

In Margin of Error at the Philippines Hall, Yan Abeledo articulates controlled entropy and experiments with the element of chance. Using programming as his tool, he plays with randomness and disorder to intimate genetic concepts such as heredity and mutation which ramify into his ideas of identity as a shifting, temporary construction.

Jelai Averilla re-scales a house in Batasan Hills in a tracing paper that serves as a metaphor for seeing the inside from the outside. Layered further by the symbolisms of color and exaggerated lines, she presents how the household managed to expand their territory within the confines of a limited space. Jonathan Olazo's work offers a humorous and metaphorical take on space, exploring the interaction between a work and the space around it and its audience.

Suggesting an architectural plan of a house, he draws in the gaze of the viewer with its improvised layouts of rooms and compartmentalized spaces, which seduces its audience by what is hidden. Jake Salvador deals with spirituality through his metaphysical childhood experience of the existence of the duendes. Appropriating the medical procedure called pangtatawas, he reveals the existence of the duende through candle dripping sculptures.

Curated by Professor Ling Quisumbing Ramilo, the exhibition emphasizes the different manifestations of space as expressed through contemporary three-dimensional art.

Exhibits will run until May 31, 2014.

GT-Toyota Asian Cultural Center 
Magsaysay Ave., cor. Guerrero St.,
UP Diliman, Quezon City

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