Chaos in Progress

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Chaos in Progress
May 16-30, 2014
Cevio Art Haus

Chaos in Progress basically presents a certain sense of dichotomy on two opposing but possibly interconnected ideas. Depending on how the viewer would understand, it could either be a state of chaos slowly unfurling into an exploding chasm of effectual madness, or it could simply be just a statement implying that the element of anarchy is an existing ingredient of progress--that without its lawless interference, growth would be stifled by plain, boring imagination-deprived thinking.

The paradoxical nature of the two choices, if viewed figuratively, can be an aesthetic clash of different concepts that oppose in creation and outcome. And in this note the choice of artists are simply justified--ranging from drawings, paintings, and even varied ideas on extremely polar schools of thought. Each is given a freedom of his own in exploring possibilities. No one is actually limited by a specific genre or collective preference. The show itself, in its totality is a confessed mixup of artists coming from different beliefs and levels of understanding.

Herein lies the strange beauty of randomness, into which chaos curls around in the slow awaiting of its own rebirth.
-Dave Lock

Exhibiting Artists:

Buen Abrigo, Rai Cruz, Marius Black,
Miggy Borja, Vin Cayco,
Isobel Francisco, Clarisse Guardiano,
Dave Lock, Tad Pagaduan,
Mary Palag, Chris Pedayo,
Expi Perez, Mek Yambao

With Performances by:

Towering From Ashes
Audio Drive Thru
Paranoid City

Cevio Art Haus
60 San Isidro St.,
Bgy. Kapitolyo,

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