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Felix Bacolor
May 29-July 13, 2014
Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery)
Cultural Center of the Philippines

Setting is a depiction/simulation of the beautiful Manila Bay sunset. It touches on current issues affecting Manila Bay such as the right to aesthetics, the protection of the environment, as well as the protection of culture and heritage. The exhibit will be composed of an hour long looped video of a setting sun projected on the wall. An inch deep of water will be poured on top of a water-sealed table fronting the projection. Stand fans will be set to simulate ripples on the water.

Artist Felix Bacolor's practice, as his works reveal, has spanned the dynamics of play and exploration in art-making through a variety of interest and media such as video, installation and sculpture. As his works move around permutations of objects within an installation, it is in this sculptural aspect of what these combinations become that contains his approach to experimentation and constant research.

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