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Miguel Lope Inumerable
June 13, 2014
Light & Space Contemporary

Opening on Friday, June 13th, Light and Space Contemporary is pleased to present Assembly, an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Miguel Lope Inumerable, his first solo show at the gallery. If computer-aided and computer-generated images can be said to have replaced the immediate experience of nature as the common ground of human perception, it can be argued that Miguel Lope Inumerable works to reverse that very evolution. Through his intense exploration of various code processes, he diverts both the eye and the mind back onto nature.

Ironically perhaps, one of the keys to the fulfillment of this ongoing effort has been to insist on treating, painting as primary, that is on turning it into a basic category of perception itself.

Light & Space Contemporary53 Fairlane St., 
West Fairview, 
Quezon City

Visit the event page on Facebook here.

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