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Art Exhibit by Isobel Francisco
June 19-30, 2014
Vinyl on Vinyl Upper Gallery

The son of master craftsman Daedelus, Icarus was fashioned wings of wax and feathers by his father. Despite being warned not to fly too close to the sun to avoid its heat, Icarus was overcome by the powerful sensation that flying had afforded him. Soaring wildly and carelessly, Icarus realized too late the wisdom of Daedelus’ advice. The sun had melted his delicate wings and he fell to his death, drowning in the unrelenting ocean now called the Icarian sea, named to serve as an eternal reminder of his tragic fate.

Experience Isobel Francisco’s visual narratives on hubris and everyday life on June 19 to 30, 2014 at the upper gallery of VOV.

The Collective
7274 Malugay St.,
San Antonio Village,
Makati City

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