Joseph Gabriel: Incognitum

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Joseph Gabriel
June 7-July 4, 2014

1335MABINI presents Joseph Gabriel first solo exhibition entitled “Incognitum” from June 7 to July 4, 2014.

Incognitum is a Latin word meaning “unknown” or “untested.” With the exhibition, Joseph examines the process of how people probe into things that are seemingly familiar at first glance yet unfamiliar upon closer observation. Through photographic images of micro-landscapes and sculptural installations, the exhibition is an attempt to reconfigure the representation of what we think we know, what we actually know and what we care to know insofar as image production is concerned. Furthermore, Joseph inspects the point of tangency between unravelling things of unfamiliar nature and overlaying ambiguity over what should be treated as common knowledge or readily available information. His works foster an apparent tension between two impulses; one that is trying to make sense of what is strange; and the other trying to maintain obscurity of it.

1135 A. Mabini St.,
Ermita, Manila

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