EKSENA KALSADA | Josef Laureano: A One Man Show

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Eksena Kalsada
Josef Laureano: A One Man Show
August 1-10, 2014
Renaissance Art Gallery

Renaissance Art Gallery presents “Eksena Kalsada”, featuring the recent abstract works of Josef Laureano.

As written by Cid Reyes (Renaissance XI, 2014):

"Josef Laureano brings to the fore the apparatus of the positive-negative binaries, where a black aura has been reversed to its white countenance, and vice-versa. Each is a shadow of the other, thus transforming the painting into an enchantment of chiaroscuro (Italian for the two words light and dark).

What resolves and unifies the relationship between the two antipodes are the linear gyrations and markings such as arrows, crosses, serial vertical gashes and X’s, and doodles and sketches of realist rhetoric, such as upturned tables, opened boxes, floating cylinders. Adding visual resonance are the touches of earthen hues that anchor the works to familiar ground."

Renaissance Art Gallery
4th Level, SM Megamall Bldg. B,
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

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