Phlegmatic Maladies

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Phlegmatic Maladies
Solo Exhibition by Chris Verayo
July 5- 28 2014
Opening reception on July 5, 2014

Phlegmatic Maladies – A solo exhibition depicting doom and gloom encapsulating the artist’s epiphanies from recent life events and how these became a transformative force through a myriad of visual art processes.

Phlegmatic Maladies is an exhibition portraying the vulnerability of the spirit when the shock of the norm leaves it dazed and confused. Even though the pieces exudes doom and gloom, these pictures are a strong visual imprint on the human psyche that fully embraces the tenacious human spirit.

Abstraction, oil and acrylic and a singular thought process about glorious if not, disastrous life epiphanies made this exhibition possible.

About the Artist:

Born in Manila, Philippines in 1986.Chris Verayo is a multi-disciplinary artist whose body of work consists of oil/acrylic/mixed media paintings, sculpture, collage, installation, and illustration. He graduated from the Philippine Women’s University School of Fine Arts and Design and majored in advertising/visual communications. He lives and works in Quezon City.

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Kanto Artists Run SpaceThe Collective
7274 Malugay St.,
Brgy. San Antonio Village,
Makati City

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