Rebellion by Jinggoy Buensuceso

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Jinggoy Buensuceso
July 5-31, 2014
Galeria Duemila

Jinggoy Buensuceso explores the multiple dimensions of raging ideas and emotions in his solo show entitled Rebellion.

In Rebellion, the artist takes you on a tumultuous journey from the birth of a powerful idea that consumes an individual, the building pressure and force that makes people come together and move as one organism for a common passion and cause, the powerful release of tension and expression of freedom, to the quiet yet indelible aftermath which serves as a potent force within each and one of us. This potent force, when triggered ignites the vigorous cycle once more.

Rebellion is the aftermath of the artist’s personal turmoil as he separates himself from his present realities to fulfill his artistry away from the trappings of domestication. In this show, Buensuceso ventures into the bold and unorthodox use of materials and methods in the featured bodies of work, challenging the expected presentation of his mediums - industrial tracing paper and woodwork rendered with the severity of fire as well as uncovering new pursuits with cement, charcoal, and graphite - a reaction to the status quo. An uprising.

Visit the event page on ClickTheCity here.

Galeria Duemila210 Loring Street
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

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